Some people are just mean and give you a reason to hate them …

If you have nothing good to say … sit by me!

We all know what mean people are like… they gossip about you to others, ignore you, say hurtful things, break or steal your stuff, belittle you, set you up to get into trouble for something you didn’t say or do, call you names, imply you’re not as clever, good-looking, well connected, valuable or nice as they are, intimidate you, leave unfriendly or unkind messages about you on social media sites, and break promises they swore they’d keep.

I spent 23 years with the meanest person on earth … I have a PhD in recognizing meanness!

When someone is vicious towards me… I want to rationalize it by saying… “All I can tell you is some people are just evil.”  The truth is they are not evil … they are simply mean assholes!

I honestly believe evil does not exist for a lot of people.  Evil is just something that needs fixing.  But I’m here to tell you evil is NOT a psychiatric illness.  People who put other people in ovens and gas showers, shoot or burn their fellow man, or throw babies up in the air for target practice are evil!

A person that has a campaign of destruction or belittlement against you is as I have said earlier …. simply mean assholes!

face4If you’ve been dealing with a mean person at work, in your neighborhood, in your club, or in your family, the best way of handling that person is to not go up against him or her.  You can’t win.  You’re unequipped to deal with a mean person unless you’re equally bad.  Mean people have no rules and no limits.  You do.  Try to avoid contact with the person.  If you’ve tried to sort things out and he or she decides to keep being mean, there isn’t much you can do to influence or change his or her mind.

If this person actually hates you or feels like he or she can’t lose face by dawning a different attitude, you don’t have to put up with it.  Remove yourself.  Don’t listen to his or her taunts, don’t read the crap he or she writes about you, and don’t have any connection to his or her spiteful attitude.  Let this person know you’re not going to tolerate it and make a clean cut.  Even the meanest person may get bored when his or her target stops responding.

Some people simply need to be mean to feel better about themselves.  Those people are all over the world…. watch the morning news for more than 5 minutes… you’ll see.

My advice?  Just get out of their way.  Don’t take it personally.  Unfortunately, karma won’t always kick in and nothing bad necessarily will happen to them.  In fact, sometimes they lead long and financially successful lives.  That may be hard to swallow, but the quality of your life is more important.

So laugh.  Throw your head back and laugh… let every small success you enjoy be known to the world and eventually like the Wicked Witch of the West … their actions will cause their demise… and on some level we all look forward to that! The universe is a magical place… it knows which butt to kick and which to leave alone. Get out of the way and let it handle the details. There’s no harm in taking a selfie when it happens.

This is my journey… this is my life!

Rob Cantrell


I'm a sober guy living life on life's terms... I’m making the rest of my life the best of my life !


  • Rob you have been an important part of my life for almost two years now,you know I believe in pretty much in everything you say!your such an inspiration for me sweetie !👏I feel very blessed to have you as a friend even though your so far away,i feel a connection with you and MJ 🙏and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart !!❤ keep up the good writing it truly helps me in every way aspect of my life!with that being said i’ll see you on facebook,God bless the both of you😘🎈🏇until next time much love,Betty JO White🐶from the great state of Kentucky.8:58 pm!🏇🌷💓


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