Oh I’m sorry … did my back hurt your knife?

I have felt the sting of back stabbers more than once … recently, it seems to be a daily occurrence. Someone will read my blog or Facebook page and immediately start the rumor mill running … contacting my 80 yo mother seems to be a source of great enjoyment. The rundown goes something like this …

“Louise (my mom) … I’m concerned for Rob! Someone told me that he is the following:

1. An oversexed homosexual addicted to internet pornography

2. Dresses like a drag queen because he is transitioning (thanks Caitlyn Jenner)

3. Has a drug problem and is an alcoholic

4. Is only interested in little Filipino boys

5. Is a Scientologist, atheist, Buddhist, Hara Krishna, Mormon, communist, liberal Jew.

6. Has an obsession with food and photographs everything he eats

7. Sleeps with pugs

When I was passed out drunk on a Florida beach or naked in a public swimming pool … I wasn’t interesting to them. These people don’t give a damn about me… they know 99% of what is coming out of their mouths is total crap. But with every hurtful story there must be a sprinkling of truth in order to make it  believable… as for the accusations … 4 are absolutely correct! You can figure it out …

Most of the time backstabbers are very close people in our lives, they can be our friends, relatives, coworkers, etc. They can give us a shoulder to cry, spend time together, we share secrets and special moments with them. That’s why you never see it coming when they betray you. Be very careful of the ones that have appointed themselves as a “prayer warrior” and want to lift your life up to the lord. These people really scare me ….
“Be careful with people we label as best friends, unless you know their intentions”

Why backstabbers  stab?
Backstabbers are upset with their lives and like to cause other people to be miserable, they are selfish person, insecure and confused people,  with low self-esteem, jealous people who can’t stand others achievements. Sorry but, backstabbers sometimes weren’t  brought up with good morals or values.Don’t ignore a betrayal from a backstabber, it hurts, makes you angry, feel stupid, it’s embarrassing, it can ruin you reputation, it’s shock, you may spend weeks, months, in disbelief, that close person to you is capable of  his actions.

What to do when you’re back stabbed ? You need to know  and do the following;

  • It’s not your fault and you have the right to overreact, don’t blame yourself, you have been a good friend all the time. Backstabber can make you sick, it’s ok to overreact  but not ok to be violent. Give yourself a time to mourn, let the anger go,  try not to be violent.

  • Don’t get into email war , (Facebook, phone, endless  confrontation) e.g i thought we were best friend blah blah blah, demanding explanation, it wont help, backstabbers love attention don’t give  them a stage. Just write a short message, or make a short call, or face a backstabber, throw everything on his/her face, then keep your distance.

  • If someone betrays you, don’t trust that person again, “the only person you can trust to keep a secret is the one who is dead” Chinese proverb.

  • Ignore a backstabber, by ignore a backstabber you will make a statement and send a message that you have very important things to do and very important people to meet, NO Time  to deal with backstabber loser.

  • Remember backstabbers are powerful when your back is turned.

  • Avoid revenge, because it will create more problems, “the best revenge is to move on” Jerry Springer.

  • Learn to forgive and forget, you have learned the important lesson in life, you know who true friends are, delete all their memories, losers don’t deserve a place in your heart or in your head.

This is how I deal with back stabbers…This is my journey… this is my life!

Rob Cantrell

Author: robcan2

I'm a sober guy living life on life's terms... I’m making the rest of my life the best of my life !

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