The Sidewalk Sisters

The Flamingo Resort in South Beach, Miami is a compound where beauty is as important as oxygen. It is where wealthy Europeans and South Americans come to mingle during the months. Within the heavily guarded towers (there are 3), approximately 10,000 people call home, every luxury can be found. Valets park and detail resident cars, while the residents eat at resort the restaurant/bar, groceries and rycleaningdare delivered from the resortstwo grocery stores and drycleaning . Throw in a few pools, yoga and multimillion dollar fitness club and you quickly realize there is no reason to ever step outside of the resorts guarded gates. Being beautiful and rich has its privileges.

Nearly everyday, I see them. The sidewalk sisters. One is a strikingly gorgeous blonde who is at wore with her looks and does everything possible to escape them. She’s usually dressed in men’s pants, hoodie, and knitted cap. She never speaks to anyone other than her partner. The woman is a man-hating lesbian and would ju